Risk Assessment Template

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Risk Assessment Template

Create perfect risk assessments quicker than ever with this tool for free

How will this tool benefit you?

This free to use tool will enable you to write risk assessments live on site from your office, workplace, abroad or anywhere you like whenever you need one, all you need is a computer, tablet and internet access!

Do you need to complete a risk assessment while on the job? No problem just fire up your tablet, mobile device or computer on site and complete on the job!

This tool will then create a PDF risk assessment straight to your device that you can save or print out immediately, the risk assessment software will even send you or your client an email copy of the assessment!

As long as you have Internet access you can do this anywhere!

So this column has explained what this risk assessment software can do, now we recommend you read the next column to ensure you complete your assessment correctly. Then finally watch the video in the right hand side column and you will have a good understanding on how to complete a risk assessment for your job or task with this software

And finally please note that you can fill out the boxes by typing or if required copying and pasting from other documents to save time

Then your good to go!

For the sake of speed in the video we will be pasting a pre-written text instead of typing everything out

By clicking submit you agree to the stated terms and conditions of use

If you are get stuck or need some professional assistance with a risk assessment or anything else related to occupational health and safety please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help


Not Just a Template but a Tool

Welcome to the safe2use risk assessment tool quick guide

Please read this before you attempt to use the tool

Step A, Enter standard details (company, name of assessor, date and email for copy to be sent)

Step B, Judge your competence level for this task

Step C, Enter activity being assessed and location of site

Step D, Check who may be affected

Step E, Identify hazards and location

Step F, Rank the risk level of identified hazard if no control measures were in place:

TR = Tolerable,

MR = Moderate,

SR = Substantial,

IR = Intolerable

Note: use table 1 at the bottom of the risk assessment tool page to calculate risk level

Step G, Check PPE requirements to used

Step H, Any identified hazards in Step E that have a risk level rank higher that TR must have control measures put in place to reduce rank to at lease TR. This area is where you must explain how the risk is being reduced and by who and when

Step I, Any additional relevant notes can be added here

Step J,, Set a date and person to review in the not to distant future

Step K, you may now submit your form and sign when printed out

Extra notes:
If you find you have made any mistakes simply click the back button on your browser then edit the form and re-submit.

UK Health and Safety Consultants

Due to popular demand we have included a partially completed assessment HERE

The assessment is for using a Band Saw and should give you an idea of just how the app works

Simply fill out you company name, assessor, date then type the capcha code and click submit.

We have many more part complete Risk Assessments in the Members Area so join today



Risk Assessment tool

If you are still not confident where to begin have a look at this completed sample we created earlier SAMPLE RISK ASSESSMENT HERE

Please note this video has no audio

You can also view the risk assessment template video externally by clicking here

COSHH Assessment form, DSE Assessment form
















risk assessment template

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